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January Weather in the United States

Average Temperatures in the United States in January


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January is deep winter across much of the United States. Expect very cold temperatures in New England, the Midwest, and the Mid=Atlantic states. You can also expect cold weather in states in the Southeast and Southwest, though temperatures are typically milder here than in the north and Midwest. For mild temperatures, head to Hawaii or Florida.

January Holidays and Events

At a glance: average January temperatures for the

Top 10 tourist destinations in the United States (High / Low):
  • New York City: 36°F / 26°F (4°C / -3°C)
  • Los Angeles: 67°F / 49°F (19°C / 9°C)
  • Chicago: 30°F / 15°F (-1°C / -9°C)
  • Washington, DC: 42°F / 27°F (6°C / -2°C)
  • Las Vegas: 57°F / 34°F (13°C / 1°C)
  • San Francisco: 57°F / 44°F (14°C / 7°C)
  • Hawaii: 82°F / 67°F (28°C / 20°C)
  • Grand Canyon: 41°F / 18°F (5°C / -8°C)
  • Florida: 72°F / 50°F (23°C / 10°C)*
  • New Orleans: 63°F / 42°F (17°C / 6°C)

*average temp given for Orlando, Florida (see Florida link below for average January temperatures for cities throughout Florida

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