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December Weather in the United States

Average Temperatures in the United States in December


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December means winter across much of the United States. In fact, by the time December comes around, it may have already been snowing for a month in higher elevations and in the northernmost states, particularly in Alaska. Expect brisk temperatures in New England, the Midwest, and the Mid=Atlantic states. On the other hand, states in the Southeast and Southwest enjoy much milder temperatures in December. Hawaii is temperate year-round.

December Holidays and Events

At a glance: average monthly temperatures for the

Top 10 tourist destinations in the United States (High / Low):
  • New York City: 44°F / 32°F (7°C / 0°C)
  • Los Angeles: 68°F / 50°F (20°C / 10°C)
  • Chicago: 35°F / 21°F (2°C / -6°C)
  • Washington, DC: 47°F / 32°F (9°C / 0°C)
  • Las Vegas: 58°F / 34°F (14°C / 1°C)
  • San Francisco: 57°F / 45°F (14°C / 7°C)
  • Hawaii: 82°F / 67°F (28°C / 20°C)
  • Grand Canyon: 43°F / 20°F (6°C / -7°C)
  • Florida: 73°F / 51°F (23°C / 10°C)*
  • New Orleans: 64°F / 47°F (18°C / 9°C)

*average temp given for Orlando, Florida (see Florida link below for average December temperatures for cities throughout Florida

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