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Skiing and Snowboarding in the USA


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Where to Ski and Snowboard in the United States
Skiing Couple Montana

A couple skis above the clouds in Montana

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You can find some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the world in the United States. From the resorts of the Rocky Mountains and Lake Tahoe in the West, Vermont's Green Mountains and Maine's Sugarloaf in the East, to everything in between, there are exceptional slopes across the country.

The National Ski Areas Association, which keeps track of the nation's ski resorts, listed approximately 486 ski areas in the United States in its last count. This list of ski areas in the United States, containing links to information about more than 400 ski areas, is the most comprehensive list of alpine skiing resorts serviced by lifts.

On the following pages are listings of some of the best reviewed snow resorts in the United States grouped by region:

You may also wish to browse this list of Ski Resorts in the Southeast, which was compiled by About's Guide to Southeast Travel.

Visit About's Guide to Skiing and Guide to Snowboarding for more detailed information on ski resorts in the United States.

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