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Top Natural Attractions in the USA


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Natural Wonder - The Grand Canyon
Majestic View of the Grand Canyon

Majestic View of the Grand Canyon

Diogo Martins/Getty Images
Located north of Phoenix, Arizona, the Grand Canyon is one of the USA's most impressive landscapes. According to the Grand Canyon NPS, this great chasm measures one mile deep, 18 miles wide, and stretches for approximately 277 river miles. In all, the Grand Canyon National Park covers 1,218,375 acres.

There are many ways to see the Grand Canyon, including from an overlook in your car or RV to the Skywalk, an extended porch built (in 2007) and maintained by the Hualapai Nation, a native people to this region. Skywalk is NOT a part of the Grand Canyon National Park, but nevertheless provides a stunning view of the area. If you are a true nature buff, the best way to see the Grand Canyon is via a hike. Review this list of things to do at the Grand Canyon for more information.

More than five million people visit the Grand Canyon annually, which presents a difficult challenge for the park service to maintain a pristine sight. In fact, the National Park Service recently banned the sale of bottled water at the Grand Canyon, so as to prevent the site from being littered by millions of plastic water bottles. The NPS has set up a page of information for how to travel "greener" at the Grand Canyon.

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