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Visiting the 9/11 Memorials


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Flight 93 National Memorial
Flight 93 Memorial

Flight 93 Memorial

Photo courtesy of the National Park Service
The Flight 93 National Memorial was dedicated in a ceremony at the site on September 11, 2011. Run by the National Park Service, the Flight 93 National Memorial pays tribute to the passengers and crew who died when United Flight 93, hijacked by four terrorists, crashed into an open field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

Among the features of the Flight 93 memorial is the Wall of Names, which displays the names of the all 40 of the passengers and crew aboard the flight. Flight 93, of course, was the only one of four planes used during the September 11 terrorist attacks to not reach its target - the U.S. Capitol. A mutiny set in motion by a group of brave passengers against the terrorists commandeering the plane led to the terrorists crashing the plane rather than risk being overtaken by the passengers.

Admission to the Flight 93 National Memorial is free.

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