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Washington State


Profile of the State of Washington - Quick Facts and Links
Washington State on a map of the United States

Washington State on a map of the United States

Nickname: The Evergreen State
Population: Ranked 13th most populous state with 6,830,038 residents (according to 2011 census data)
Size: 18th largest state by area
Capital: Olympia
Largest City: Seattle

It's referred to as Washington State to differentiate it from the U.S. capital city of Washington, DC, but that is the only way visitors would ever confuse the two locations. Tucked into the upper northwest corner of the United States, along the Pacific Coast, Washington State is both a wild wonderland, home to 13 National Parks, and a technological powerhouse. The headquarters of some of the nation's most dynamic companies - Boeing, Microsoft, and Starbucks - are in Washington State. In particular, these companies are centered in or very near Seattle, the state's cultural capital and the largest city in the Pacific Northwest.

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