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Profile of the State of California - Quick Facts and Links
California on a map of the United States

California on a map of the United States

Nickname: The Golden State
Population: The most populous state with 37,691,912 residents (according to 2011 census data)
Size: 3rd largest state by area
Capital: Sacramento
Largest City: Los Angeles

California, a beacon in U.S. West to Americans and foreigners alike, hardly needs an introduction. The state is home to the famous cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco, and eight of the USA's 50 most populous cities are in California. They include Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Fresno, Sacramento, Long Beach and Oakland. California has some of America's top beaches, is home to Hollywood, the tech campuses of Silicon Valley, one of the world's most famous theme parks at Disneyland, and the USA's top wine region.

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