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50 Things to Do in the Spring

50+ Ideas for Spring Travel in the USA


There is no shortage of things to do in the USA. But maybe you're traveling somewhere new or need a quick suggestion for something to do during a long layover. Here is a list of 50 spring things to do in every state of the union, plus a few more for good measure. The list is a mix of annual events to must-see museums to natural wonders. Learn more about what to do in each state by visiting State Tourism Board websites and social media contacts.

This page: Alabama - Florida
Georgia - Maine
Maryland - New Hampshire
New Jersey - Rhode Island
South Carolina - Wyoming


Check out the annual To Kill A Mockingbird production in Monroeville, the hometown of author Harper Lee.


Witness the annual Eastern Pacific Gray Whale migration on Kodiak Island.


Attend a Cactus League Spring Training baseball game.


Soak in the natural hot springs at Hot Springs National Park, also known as "The American Spa."


Observe the Lyrids Meteor Showers, which happen annually around mid-April. More ideas for California in spring.


Check out Colorado's prehistoric past. The state has eight sites and museums where you can see dinosaur bones.


Visit the historic ships at Mystic Seaport.


Delaware is a small enough state that learning about its attractions makes sense via a geocaching adventure.

District of Columbia

The National Cherry Blossom Festival, which celebrates the blossoming of the Japanese cherry trees makes Washington, DC, one of the top spring destinations.


Florida is the go-to destination for spring break. Learn more about the many destinations in Florida that travelers visit in March and April.
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