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The Most Romantic Restaurants in the USA

Romantic Restaurants in 10 U.S. Cities


From food that's easy to share and a stunning view to low lighting and quiet booths where you can steal away with your sweetheart, there are many elements that help to make restaurants romantic restaurants. Whether you are looking for a perfect escape for Valentine's Day or date night, here are some of the nation's most romantic restaurants as selected by locals.

Romantic Restaurants in New York City

Time Out New York, the premier local guide to New York City, offers guidance on some of the Big Apple's most romantic eateries, from fancy to laid back. Here is a selection of their top picks from the last few years. Not surprisingly, there is some overlap with the Michelin-starred restaurant list. See also the guide to romantic NYC restaurants from About's Guide to New York City Travel.

Romantic Restaurants in Los Angeles

The following list of romantic restaurants in Los Angeles comes from the most recent reviews on Zagat L.A.. These rankings change occasionally, so check the link for new restaurant ideas. See also the guide to romantic L.A. restaurants from About's Guide to Los Angeles Travel.

Romantic Restaurants in Chicago

Chicago users of the website and app Urban Spoon rated the following restaurants as some of the most romantic in the windy city. See also the guide to romantic Chicago restaurants from About's Guide to Chicago Travel.

Romantic Restaurants in Washington, DC

Amid all the power restaurants, DC has a fine crop of restaurants ready for romance. The gurus at Washington Post's Going Out Guide have rounded up the following romantic restaurants for readers. Click the link for more ideas. You may also wish to visit the guide to romantic restaurants in DC by About's Guide to Washington, DC.

Romantic Restaurants in Las Vegas

You can bet on finding an intimate restaurant experience at the following restaurants suggested by Vegas.com, the official website for Las Vegas. See also this list of romantic restaurants in Vegas by About's Guide to Las Vegas Travel.

Romantic Restaurants in San Francisco

San Francisco is where some of the best cuisine and some of the nation's most inspiring views come together. So it's no surprise there are plenty of romantic restaurants in the City by the Bay. The selection below comes from City's Best. Check out the guide to romantic restaurants in San Francisco from About's Guide to San Francisco Travel. You may also want to take a look at San Francisco and the Bay Area's Michelin-starred restaurants for gustatory inspiration.

Romantic Restaurants in Miami

Sexy Miami is bound to have quite a few romantic restaurants. We've culled a small selection from Yelp users in Miami to help guide you to right the spot. You can also check out this guide to romantic restaurants in Miami from About's Guide to Miami.

Romantic Restaurants in New Orleans

New Orleans' has an inherent sultriness to it, so it's not too hard to find romantic restaurants here. The picks below come from New Orleans Online, the official website for New Orleans tourism. You can also check out the guide to romantic New Orleans restaurants from About's Guide to New Orleans Travel.

Romantic Restaurants in Seattle

Ideas for romantic restaurants in Seattle come from the city's Urban Spoon users. Check out the selections below or browse the guide to romantic Seattle restaurants from About's Guide to the Northwest.

Romantic Restaurants in Boston

We looked to Zagat Boston for ideas on Boston's most romantic restaurants. Have a look at their extensive list then pair it with this guide to Boston's most romantic spots from About's Guide to Boston.

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