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Michelin-Starred Restaurants in the USA


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Michelin Restaurants in the USA
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Earning a Michelin star is what every gourmet chef aspires to. Ever since 1900 when the first Michelin Red Guide was released to help the newly mobile citizenry in France find unforgettable meals, chefs have clamored to be included in the tire manufacturer's restaurant guide.

For more than 100 years, Michelin-starred restaurants could only be found in France and various cities in Europe. In 2005, Michelin crossed the Atlantic, allowing for the first time its inspectors to review fine dining options in New York City. Today, independent Michelin inspectors review restaurants in New York, San Francisco and the Bay Area, and Chicago.

What the Michelin Stars Mean
Michelin stars are ranked using the following criteria:

***Three Stars
The Best. "Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey."

**Two Stars
"Excellent cuisine, worth a detour."

*One Star
"A very good restaurant in its category."

Michelin Stars for 2012
The following pages include restaurants that have earned one, two, or three stars from Michelin inspectors for the year 2012. This is only the second year that Chicago restaurants have been reviewed; San Francisco and Bay Area establishments have been subject to Michelin restaurant inspections since 2007.

We hope these lists will help you plan a culinary itinerary for visiting New York City, Chicago, or the San Francisco Bay Area. For more information on Michelin-starred restaurants as well as restaurants that have earned the Michelin "Bib Gourmand," an honor bestowed on restaurants serving exceptional meals for less than $40, visit www.michelinguide.com.


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