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Here is more information on food and cuisine in the United States. Learn more about regional cuisines, typical food, and top restaurants in the U.S.
  1. USA wine regions (9)

Beer, Wine, and Booze Trails in the USA
The United States has many great destinations for beer, wine, and booze aficionados. Learn more about the USA's old and new beer, wine, and liquor traditions on these routes.

Singular Food Festivals in the USA
A singular food festival is devoted to one single item. Here are 10 singular food festivals to check out in the USA.

The Most Romantic Restaurants in the USA
Looking for a romantic restaurant to take your significant other? Here are some of the nation's most romantic restaurants as selected by locals.

City Guide to the Best Burgers in the United States
Which cities in the U.S. make the best burgers? Read on to find out about the best hamburgers in New York City, Los Angeles, Dallas, and more.

Best Pizza in New York City
Learn about the best places in NYC to get a slice or a whole pie.

The Best Food Apps for Travelers
When it comes to making your travel itinerary, are you guided by your belly? Here are some of the best smartphone apps for food lovers to take on the road.

Chicago Hot Dogs - Where to find a classic Chicago Hot Dog
Chicago is famous for its dressed up hot dogs. Learn where the locals go for their hot dog fix.

Best Lobster Roll in New England
Lobster rolls are an important part of New England's culinary heritage. Learn where to get the best one.

Gourmet Food Trucks in Los Angeles
Some of L.A.'s most inventive - and inexpensive - food is available from food trucks. Learn more about the LA food truck scene and what to eat.

Southern Food Trails for Tasty Culinary Road Trips
From barbecue to gumbo, the Southeast U.S. has many local foods worth making a road trip for.

Michelin-Starred Restaurants in the USA
Restaurants that have one to three Michelin stars are considered the utmost quality. Here are the Michelin-starred restaurants in the United States.

Food Holidays in the USA
Learn about the food and drink celebrated each month during food holidays in the United States.

James Beard Awards 2012
The James Beard Awards are given out annually to the best restaurants and chefs in the United States. Here are the winners of the 2012 James Beard Awards.

Restaurant Weeks in the USA
Budget travelers who enjoy fine dining will do well to visit a city during "Restaurant Week." Learn more about restaurant weeks in cities across the USA.

USA Travel Bucket List: Food and Dining Musts

Top 100 Restaurants for Outdoor Dining
Top 100 outdoor dining restaurants as compiled by OpenTable.

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