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Presidents Day


Presidents Day
Statue of George Washington at Federal Hall in New York City

Statue of George Washington at Federal Hall in New York City

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What is Presidents Day?
President's Day is celebrated on the third Monday of February and honors the birthday of the United States' first president George Washington. The holiday was established by President Chester A. Arthur in 1885.

Washington's actual birthday is February 22. But in order to make the federal holiday fall on a Monday, thereby creating a three-day weekend, lawmakers ordered in 1968 that the holiday fall on the third Monday and that it honor all presidents, not just George Washington.

When is Presidents Day?
Here are the dates of upcoming Presidents Day:

  • 2013: February 18
  • 2014: February 17
  • 2015: February 16
  • 2016: February 15

    Best Places to Learn More About the U.S. Presidents
    If you'd like to learn more about the Founding Fathers and United States presidents, here are the best places to go.

  • Mount Vernon, the home of George Washington in Arlington, Virginia. This is the very best place to learn more about George Washington, his family life, his military career, and his presidency. Admission to Mount Vernon is typically free on Presidents Day.
  • The Lands of Lincoln is my round-up of places touched by President Abraham Lincoln.
  • The White House, Washington, DC. This home is, of course, the place where all U.S. presidents have resided save for George Washington.
  • Washington Monument, Washington, DC
  • Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC
  • Jefferson Memorial, Washington, DC
  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, Washington, DC
  • President Lincoln's Cottage at the Old Soldier's Home, Washington, DC
  • Ford's Theatre, Washington, DC. This is the theater in which President Abraham Lincoln was shot in 1865. The theater still puts on productions today but there is an entire museum attached to the site with information on Lincoln and his assassination.

  • Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's home in Charlottesville, Virginia.

  • Abraham Lincoln Birthplace and National Historic Site, Hodgenville, Kentucky

  • The President's House, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • Federal Hall, New York City. George Washington was sworn in as the first President of the United States at this building on Wall Street, which is now a museum devoted to the history of George Washington and American government.

  • Mount Rushmore, in the Black Hills of South Dakota near Rapid City. Mount Rushmore features giant busts of four U.S. presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln.
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